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Working Principles And Structure of Decoilers

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Working principle of decoilers

Decoiler is an auxiliary feeding equipment used in the automatic processing production line of coil stamping, leveling, laser cutting, and cutting line.     Its function is to open the coil and lead out the material head so that it can enter the subsequent machine in the production line.     The operation is very simple and fast.

sheet metal decoiler

metal coil decoiler

The working principle of the uncoiler: expansion and contraction uncoiling method, the coil is vertically placed on the expansion and contraction drum, and when the expansion and contraction drum is tightened by the motor, it drives the expansion and contraction drum to rotate and open the coil.     Then the material strip naturally hangs down after opening, and automatically stops when it contacts the induction bracket, and continues to feed after leaving the induction bracket.

The hydraulic decoiler is a supporting equipment for the leveling of metal plates.     It can be used to form an uncoiling, leveling, and cutting production line and other sheet product production lines for leveling steel plates and uneven plates according to relevant configurations.     The operation is very simple and fast.

Structure and unwinding of a 5 tons hydraulic decoiler machineThe automatic 5t hydraulic decoiler is a device designed specifically for unwinding metal coils and can be used for unwinding and rewinding of metal coils.     It is widely used in the fields of home appliances, automobiles, hardware, electronics, etc., greatly improving production capacity and reducing labor costs.

hydraulic sheet metal decoiler

hydraulic decoiler price

The structure of the manual decoilers is simple.     The heavy-duty standard material rack is composed of a frame, a material rack, tiles, a motor, a reducer, an electric box, and so on.     The overall structure is compact and occupies a small area.     The production efficiency can be further improved through reasonable wiring and equipment quantity.

Before the metal coil is stamped, it needs to be uncoiled by the motor decoilers and then fed to the punching machine by the feeder.     So how does the uncoiler work?     Firstly, the speed of the standard equipment is fixed at 15m/min.     After the operator places the coiled material on the material rack turn on the power, and the automatic and positive rotation knobs to start working.     The material achieves the purpose of unwinding with the rotation of the material rack, and stops when the length of the unwound material reaches the stamping condition.     The start and stop of the material rack are controlled by the induction bracket at the front end of the material rack.

In some companies, the load, material width, thickness, inner and outer diameter, uncoiling speed, and other parameters of the standard decoiler machine cannot meet their unwinding requirements, and can be customized according to customer needs.     As an important link in the stamping process, the uncoiler is favored by major companies for its advantages of convenient operation, safety, reliability, and high cost performance.     The market share is very large, and can be matched with leveling machine and feeder to form a complete set of automatic production line with the punching machine.

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