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How to Choose the Right Cold Roll Forming Machine?

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How To Choose A Roll Forming Machine

Selecting the proper Roll Forming Machinecan be a make or break decision for many metal component manufacturers.

Roll Forming Machine is widely used in the mechanical industry, and the market is filled with a variety of different products with uneven quality.Roll Forming Machine Price is based on the requirements of the profiles of the steel product you want to produce. How to choose cost-effective equipment? Before making any decisions to start a new brand or expand your business, consider carefully the below factors to make the best choice out of thousands of options in the market.

Understand your need

Here crucial Questions that manufacturers usually ask customers before offering any quotation for roll forming machines.

– Profiles or photos of sample

– Material (coil width, thickness, tension)

Roll Formed Product Specifications

Profile designs and Material Thickness.Now there are many steel profiles that can be roll formed by roll forming machines. The max wider product is up to 1450mm width, while the min-width is below 10mm. The thickness can be up to 4.0mm, and also can be lower to 0.12mm. The steel profiles can be used for Roofing Systems, downspout Systems, Pallet Racking Systems, etc.

It does not mean that the machine for the wider profile is expensive than a narrow profile. And of course same as thickness. The profile drawings and thickness will influence the forming steps of the roll forming mill and roll forming machine price

Motor and Electric Components

Motor and Electric Components decide the reliable performance and lifespan of a machine.

All parts of Steelmam products fabricated from alloy steel by CNC precision machines. Electrical and hydraulic components derive from reputable brands such as Siemens, Schneider, OMRON, etc

Once you have identified a reliable Roll Forming Machine company, the specifications for the products you will be roll forming will guide your buying choice. Specifications include product length, thickness, stiffness, and profile. Because we manufacture all of the Roll Forming Machines we sell, we know our machines inside and out and have put them through rigorous production testing. We can easily help you select the correct machine to produce metal components with the required specifications.

Manufacturing Quality

The quality of your rolled formed components are determined by the manufacturing quality of your Roll Forming Machine. Take your time in researching the manufacturing standards of the roll forming companies you are considering. At Roll Forming Machines, LLC, all of our machines are fully assembled at our factory in the China by highly trained technicians. All components are produced in an china facility, adhering to very stringent manufacturing and material specifications.

If you have high volume production, you will need to consider production speed when selecting a machine. Investing in a Roll Forming Machine with a higher rate of production may increase your overall profit margin. You will also consider machine life based on your overall production needs.

Product testing

(1)Check whether the components of the machine are installed in place, whether they are loose, and whether the components are corroded. If the parts are loose or corroded, it is better not to purchase, because such products may be returned products that others have used, or they may be stored for a long time and are useless, so be sure to carefully observe and inquire when purchasing.

(2) Start the cold roll forming machine and listen to whether the sound is normal. If you hear a shaking noise, it means that some parts are not flexible or loose or fall off. If you hear the sound of the engine hoarse, it means that the engine is not good. In short, a good product can be distinguished from a bad product by listening to it.

Cost to Operate Machine

Compare energy costs to operate the machine when choosing your Roll Forming Machine. Excessive power use by your Roll Forming Machine can unnecessarily impact your profits. Verify that the machine you are purchasing is energy efficient for the job at hand.

Roll Forming Machine Cost

With all else equal, the deciding factor in your Roll Forming Machine purchase is cost. At Roll Forming Machines, LLC, we supply the highest quality Roll Forming Machines at the best value. View our large selection of standard profile Roll Forming Machines for sheet metal, metal panels, metal siding, metal purlins, metal roofing, metal decking, and more.


Ask the Roll Forming Machine company you are considering what warranties they offer on their machines and what are the terms of the warranty. Roll Forming Machines, LLC offers a 1 year warranty for parts and labor on all of our machines. Your warranty is your assurance that the Roll Forming Machine you select will create profit rather than regret if it fails soon after purchase.

Customer Service and Repairs

Warranty should be backed up by honest, high-quality customer service. Make sure the Roll Forming Company you select has knowledgeable customer service representatives available to assist you with technical issues, and that they stand by their repairs promise. At Roll Forming Machines, LLC, we have been supplying the highest quality Roll Forming Machines globally since 2009.

At STEELMAMA, your success is our success, and therefore we always strive for a long and good partnership that is based on good quality, availability, and service. Partnership for Success!

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