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What is a decking machine?

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Metal steel Floor deck roll forming machine

The floor deck roll forming machine can form the flat sheet into a customized shape, the material of floor deck sheet is galvanized steel.

Application scenario of floor deck products

The steel floor deck is widely used in power plants, power equipment companies, automobile exhibition halls, steel structure workshops,

cement warehouses, steel structure offices, airport terminals, railway stations, stadiums, concert halls, grand theaters, large supermarkets,

logistics centers, Olympic venues and gymnasium Steel structures.

Adapting to the requirements of rapid construction of the main steel structure, it can provide a firm working platform in a short time,

and can be used to lay the profiled steel plate on multiple floors, and the flow water construction of the layered concrete slab

Profile drawing of floor deck

There are different types of floor deck sheet,  the three waves and fou waves sheets are the model type,normally the sheet along with the embossing pattern as well.We can show you the product dimension drawing here, and the embossing pattern


Picture of floor deck machine and product

Also, we can can how the product looks like after forming from roll forming machine and how the floor deck roll forming machine looks like.

Both the machine and product are the heavy one, especially the floor deck roll forming machine, its weight is more than 10 tons.


The whole production line of floor deck roll forming machine includes as below:

Decoiler Main forming machine PLC control station Hydraulic oil pump Product receiving table


1-For the decoiler

we have two options for cstomers, it's the manual decoiler and hydraulic decoiler.

The manual decoiler costs very less and the capacity is 5 tons normally. But it will take more manpower when change the new coil.

Compared the manual decoiler, the hydraulic decoiler is much better than manual one when using.

The capacity is from 5tons to 10tons, the core of decoiler can shrink and expand automatically.

The core can run forward and reversal as well, so it can save lot of manpower.

2-The feature of floor deck roll forming machine

We take the look from back of the machine, the chains transmission is covered by the yellow box. There are three carrying rollers on feeding system,

It can help the material feed into forming system much easily.

There are some gears in the left side of machine, the advantage of the gear:

Obviously, there are 6 gears outside the structure which is on the shafts in the first three stations. The gears connect the upper shaft and down one,

the gear can drive the shaft moving actively. Normally, the chains only connect the shaft in the down layer, the upper shafts are moving passively.

But now we adopt the gear in the first three stations, both the down layer shaft and upper layer shaft are moving actively,

it can ensure the metal sheet feed into forming system in the same speed and same level.

deck floor sanding machine

3-The feature of the embossing rolling station:

The first rolling station is especially form the embossing patterns, so we called the embossing stations.

Due to the material thickness, the first embossing rolling station will work in a large strength to rolling the patterns, we adopt four bearings inside to hold the shaft.

To prevent the shaft deformed.

Rolling station numner 28 staitions Shaft diameter 95mm
Driving motor power 22kw (two motor driving) Encoder brand Omron
Roller material Cr15

960 deck floor machine

4-Hydraulic cutting system
We adopt the three cutters on cutting system, this kind of cutting can prevent the product sheet deformed after cutting, and it's with a very low sounds.
The disadvantage is that will have 2cm material waste for each cutting.
The hydrualic oil pump station is equipped with the cooling system. The cooling system can ensure the machine working for hours continuously even working in a high temperature.

floor deck rolling machine

5-Control system of floor deck roll forming machine
The whole set floor deck roll forming machine is controled by the PLC control station, the brand of PLC can be Delta, Siemens, Mitsubishi or other brand.
The language of control panel can be English, Spanish, Arabic and others, we can make it according to customers requests,
what we will do is that to make the operation easy for your workers.

floor deck panel machine

6-Hydraulic pump station


The main features of the floor deck:

1.Adapting to the requirements of rapid construction of the main steel structure, it can provide a firm working platform in a short time,

and can be used to lay the profiled steel plate on multiple floors, and the flow water construction of the layered concrete slab

2. In the use stage, the floor deck is used as the tensile reinforcement of the concrete slab, which also improves the rigidity of the slab

and saves the amount of steel and concrete. The floor deck is generally V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal, and the convex part of the concrete is much less.

Unlike the soil board, it is a flat plate. The floor deck can generally save one-third of the concrete. Now the concrete is expensive.

3. The embossing on the surface of the profiled board creates the greatest bonding force between the floor deck and the concrete,

so that the two form a whole, with stiffening rib, make the floor deck system has high bearing capacity.

4. Under cantilever conditions, the floor slab is only used as a permanent formwork.

The length of the cantilever can be determined according to the section characteristics of the floor panel.

In order to prevent the cracking of the cantilever plate, it is necessary to match the negative reinforcement at the support according

to the design of the structural engineer.

5. The floor deck has a certain fireproof function. The floor deck material is galvanized steel. It is not easy to start water, and it is not easy to burn.

It can also block the spread of fire in a short time. To a certain extent, slow down the fire.

6. The floor deck also has some special functions, such as earthquake resistance. The floor deck is connected to the steel beam.

The floor deck has certain toughness. For example, in the event of an earthquake, the floor deck cannot be broken like concrete.

It is still a Overall, great chances to ensure the safety of people and property

7. Environmental protection,For short-term buildings, steel can be reused 100% if it is later removed.

8. The floor deck is laid very fast. If it is a high-rise building, it can be laid together on multiple floors. When it is poured concrete together,

it saves a lot of time, manpower and financial resources, and the fixing of the floor slab is also very fast,

it will take a short time with the special nailing machine. It was much simpler than a traditional wooden board.

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