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Double line Stud and Track Machine Ship to Sri Lanka On September, 20,2022

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Delivery of Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine to Sri Lanka On September, 20,2022

stud and track systems are economical system to assemble frames for strong, compact, lightweight partitions. The metal stud partitioning is ideal for use in domestic and commercial situations, for heights up to 10m and a wide range of partition thicknesses.

Stud & Track Roll Forming Machine, if feed wider material, forming machine make stud, if feed less width material , machine make track, you can also program to punch on stud or track. stud and track and omega channel are called as drywall channels,they are used to make economic wall and ceiling frame . Metal studs and channels are strong, light weight, easy to install and come in a range of sizes to provide ideal wall and ceiling applications with multiple layers of gypsum board. drywall forming machine automatically work with mitsubishi or siemens control syestem

Double side Wall stud and track machine

wall stud and track forming machine (AUTOMATIC)

This wall stud roll forming machine produces multi-profiles and size-changing by the spacer. in fact, it is Multi size wall stud and tracks machine for multi-profiles,size-changing by the spacer. there is an Enlarged hydraulic station to ensure high-speed working. Easy operation, low maintenance cost.

wall track and wall stud machine (MANUAL)

STEELMAMA is the china' s supplier in manufacturing Industrial Level Steel Stud and Track Roll forming lines, Stud and runner roll forming machine engineered to produce a wide range of profiles steel framing components, steel stud machine roll forms steel stud, and track members for use in wall, floor and truss framing.  Metal Profile Stud & track for partition system is made of galvanized steel, including Stud, Track, C-Channel, Corner bead &accessories.

Partition beam roll forming machine

The Partition beam roll forming machine is adjustable to make multi sizes, the hole punching is also available on the machine. The product profile of stud and track. double side High-speed stud and track roll forming machine consist of two independent production lines for both C and U profiles. The machine is adjustable to make multi sizes, the hole punching is also available on the machine.

stud and track roll forming machine

1.Summary of Steel Stud and Track Roll forming lines 

Material: Galvanized Coil

Material Thickness: 0.5-0.9mm

Main roll forming machine Power: 5.5KW

Forming Speed: 25-30m/min

Dimension: 6x0.7 x0.8 m (L*W*H).

2.Main Parts

(1) Manual uncoiler

(2) Feeding Guide

(3) Roll Forming System

(4) Hydraulic Cutting

(5) Control system

(6)Output table.

3.Working Flowing

Manual Uncoiler > Feeding > Roll Forming > Cutting > Output table

stud and track roll forming machine

4.Roll forming system with feed panel unit

Axis Diameter Φ55mm
Forming Roller station 16 stations

Main Axis material

First grade 45# steel heated and quenched
Roller material First grade 45# steel, Hard Chrome Coated, heated and quenched
Forming Speed 0-10 m/min
Motor 7.5 KW
Drive Type chain pinch 100
Machine Frame stand Welded by 400BH H-beam, Stress-Relieving



If stud and track width same, stud and track can be made from the same machine, just feeding in different width for stud and track.
If stud and track width difference small, for example, 1mm or 2mm, we will design another three stations rollers as a whole set to replace, therefore, the same machine can make stud and track.
If your production is big, we suggest you buy two machines, one machine for stud and one machine for track, two machines work together.

Light Steel Keel Roll Forming MachineManual wall track & stud roll forming machine

steel cold roll forming machine-steelmama

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STEELMAM roll forming machine manufacturer


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