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Roll Forming Machine VS Bending Machine

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1: Roll forming is continues process for steel strips to make required section profile in any length as we all know bending has limited for length and will done through several steps not continuously.

2: corrugated roof roll forming machine can make close type section with roller efforts under proper design, but bending machine cannot make any close pattern section.

Analysis of Roll Forming vs Press Braking

3: the only advantages of bending machine vas last generation of roll forming Line is can produce profile with different section drawing among of length.     

For example, the 9-meter octagonal light beam just can produce by bending machine cause the strip width and section drawing is not same from bottom to top.

4: the advantages of new generation of roll forming vs old type is we can form different drawing section with one roll forming line by automatic roller change that IBR metal old roll forming machine just produce one specific section of profile.     

So bending different size of section by same strips is not advantages any more compare with new glazed tile roof sheet roll forming machines.

5: for production time and energy usage with labor cost, for sure roll forming line are more economic and fast.     One line of automatic roll forming can easily operate by 2 workers in normal speed (15m/min).

Trapezoidal Profile Sheet Machines

Trapezoidal roofing machine

Roll Forming vs Press Braking

we wanna explain Roll Forming and Press Brake, Then provide a comparison between roll forming and Press Brake bending process.     

Roll Forming and Press Brake are Two processes with the same result.     

in sheet metal fabrication while you can see the bend it''soften not clear which method was used.     

However, roll forming and press braking are very different ways of getting the same result, and their economics are completely different too.

Press Brake Bending Process

press brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal.     

It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.     

features press brake bending:

  • Press braking is efficient and cost-effective

  • small volumes and with shorter part lengths

  • Larger orders get expensive very quickly

  • unable to handle longer parts

  • brake press is normally easier to set up

  • Brake press tooling is normally less expensive than roll forming or stamping

  • difficult to provide value-added features like holes or punched shapes during the process

  • the force of the die shaping the metal often leaves scrapes on sheet metal

roof ridge cap roll forming machine

ridge cap roof machine

Roll Forming Processin

roll forming the metal shape by stretching it through pairs of rollers that one of them supports the underside and other on the top surface.     

Each pair shape to provide a little more deformation.     

Therefore, geometry is increased a little more until the last pair produces the final shape required.     

by Using more complex roller shapes, it's possible to put in multiple bends.     

important thing about the roll forming process:

  • Works on the continuous coil

  • No limit to the length of bend

  • Bends must all be in the same direction

  • Profiled lengths are cut to size after forming

  • Tooling can be expensive

  • The roll forming line needs to be set up by an experienced operator

  • Roll forming performs best for projects that require medium to high volumes

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