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How To Run Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine?

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1.Before starting the glazed tile roll forming machine, check whether the R panel roofing machine and electrical connections are intact, and cut off the power when shutting down.   When the color steel tile press is in operation, no shovels or other objects shall be inserted into the corrugated roof sheet machine.

2.  If the operator needs to enter the tile roll forming machine for inspection, the power supply must be cut off.            

Special personnel should also be set up for supervision, and operators should pay attention to the safety of the operating environment.

3.After getting off work, clean up the excess material in the standing seam roll form machine and the conveyor belt and tidy it up in time to keep the surrounding clean.

Trapezoidal Roof Sheet Machine

Snap Lock Forming Machine

The ridge cap roof panel machine has been in China for more than 10 years, and the technology is constantly updated.            

It can be roughly divided into three types, with their advantages and disadvantages as follows:

1.Roll forming machine: Due to the single shape of roll forming, the low quality of tile has gradually faded out of the market.

2.Extrusion molding deck floor rolling machine: high output, fast speed, but a too high investment.            

After molding, it is sprayed with a color spraying machine, and the brightness is poor.            

Only a layer of color on the surface cannot be attached to the tile surface alone but mixed with expensive adhesives.

automatic c purlin machine

c purlin machine suppliers

3.Molded panel c purlin forming machine: At present, most of the glazed tile forming machine models adopt a PLC control system.           

 It is mainly divided into a touch screen and digital display, and the mold is made of special steel.            

Durable and long service life, the host is equipped with a reinforced indenter and a universal pressure plate, which can easily change different main tile molds and special-shaped tile molds.            

It is suitable for producing various types of cement tiles and pavement bricks.

metal rolling shutter doors forming machine

shutter door forming machine

The characteristics and uses of the double layer roof panel machine: The profiled plate rolled by the double layer roll making machine is not only solemn and elegant but also beautiful and novel.            

Moreover, the appearance is flat, the corrugation is uniform, the utilization rate is high, the strength is high, the production automation is high, the cost is low, and it is durable.

The electronic control system displayed on the text screen is easy to operate.            

The Three layer roof machine adopts high-level automatic control software to realize production information management.            

The entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network.            

The performance of the automation system is superior.            

The metal shutter door roll forming machine also has the advantages of maintenance, operation, maintenance, mechanical debugging, and easy mold replacement.            

Color steel tile all-steel structure workshop frame, villa-style color steel plate house with spanning color steel plate ceiling, single-sided color steel plate steel structure workshop, multi-span steel structure workshop, workshop with wooden crane beams, roof addition, large-span workshop, light steel structure ring shed.

The IBR roofing machine equipment is economical and affordable.            

Two types of equipment can be combined into one, which saves floor space.            

Moreover, the cost of color steel tile equipment is lower than two single-layer machines.

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