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What Is Purlin Roll Forming Machine?

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C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The C&Z purlin forming machines are specifically used to manufacture multi-size C and Z purlin channels.

The Roll tools are carved in highly precise CNC machines which gives it better quality and longer service life as we say “Quality & Service are the main ingredients of our Machines”

The Machine’s parts are all made with precision and experienced personals, with optimum quality roll tools so you never have to worry about the machine quality.

C&Z Roll Forming Machine for standard size C80-300MM, Z 100-300MM, Raw material thickness1.5-3.0mm, with three punch hole device, two device to punch the bottom, one device to punch side .

Purlin classifications

Purlins can be classified into different types based on the shapes: Channel sections, with or without flange stiffeners, we named C Purlin. C purlin without lips, we named U Purlin. And point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter Z are referenced as Z shapes, we named Z Purlin.

Zhongyuan has manufactured C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine,  C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine.  We also accept customized purlin profiles to design and manufacture the machines.

c channel rolling machinechannel rolling machine

Steelmama make C purlin roll forming machine, that is the forming machine only make C shape size from 3inch to 12 inch for example. or CU forming machine or CG purlin machine, with punch hole or not, please tell us your requirement, we will design your required roll forming machines.

This CZ purlin forming machines include 3 ton manual decoiler , forming system with optional punch hole device, post cut device, run out table , PLC control system , run out table

between C and Z , adjust some upper layer rollers with lower rollers by handwheel 180 degree turn.

for different size ,move whole line roller with bottom press control, easy and time saving.

Advantage of our purlin machines:

1. The small size less than 120mm of Z purlin made by special design , very straight and not twisted. Generally, the small size of Z purlins made by other factory is not straight and will twist.

2. A 75mm solid shaft is used, and the H-shaped steel is used as the base frame, so that the machine can withstand long-term production without deformation of the machine, thereby ensuring long-term production of quality purlins ;

3. The rollers are GCR15 material and processed by CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy of the rollers, and thus the accuracy of the final purline.

4. Our cut frames are stress-relieved to ensure that they are not deformed during the long-term production process, making  c purlin smoothly.

5. Use Mitsubishi or Siemens operating system with stable performance, simple operation

6. forming speed can reach 10-15 meters per minute

7. The  c z purlin with punch machine weighs about9tons

Purlin Forming Machine Manufacturing

Our purlin machine is made to produce different shapes purlin in pre-painted, galvanized, and also hot rolled “black” steel, all our purlins are 55 KSI minimum yield strength quality.

Each line can be loaded with coil entry equipment, including uncoilers, as well as a wide range of hole punching systems for inline web and flange hole placement with high accuracy.

Purlin rollformers cover the range of material types, as well as thicknesses for any market. Even the automation of gapping the roll tooling for different thicknesses can be added so that your operator does not have to adjust the top shaft for material thickness changes.


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