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TR4 trapezoidal metal roof panels roll forming machine ship to Peru On November 14,2022

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What is a trapezoidal roof?

Trapezoidal roof panels are a hugely popular type of metal roofing profile.  They can be found on everything from agricultural to large-scale commercial buildings all over the world.  The shadows of the trapezoidal shapes offer clean lines whether installed vertically, diagonally, or horizontally and are more cost-effective than standing seam profiles.

Trapezoidal sheets is a perfect combination of quality and aesthetics. Their universal profile allows you to create a robust roofing or a façade. A large selection of profiles and metal sheet varieties combined with cutting to size makes this product suitable for a very wide variety of applications.

The low-profile metal sheet (T3, T7, T8, T14) is applied for the construction of façades and roofs of houses, garages, small commercial buildings and suspended ceilings in industrial buildings. Slightly higher profiles (T14, T18, T18Eko) are used for roofs with larger spans, as well as for filling panels for industrial fences.

Higher profiles (T35 and T55), due to their durability, are used for the construction of large industrial facilities, production halls and load bearing structures.

Box profile metal sheet is a robust and economical material. It is available in a selection of coatings and colours, and meets the most diverse expectations.


What is a trapezoidal roll forming machine?

A trapezoidal sheet roll forming machineis a regular metal sheet roll former that produces metal roofing sheets or roof panels for both individual and industrial building.Trapezoidal roofing sheets are the most popular metal roof panels not only for residential buildings but also for commercial or industrial buildings.  There are so many different profiles for a variety of applications.  People like to use low-profile trapezoidal sheets for elevation and IDT roofing, while for wide-span roofing and load-bearing structures, they tend to select high-profile trapezoidal sheets.  In addition,  trapezoidal sheets have other names in Africa as industrial trough IT4, IT5,IT6 roof profiles, therefore people can barely find two exactly the same trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine in the markets.

TR4 trapezoidal roof sheet machine

more information about TR4 trapezoidal metal roof roll formation:tr4 

Brief introduction of Trapezoidal Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine:

This metal sheet roll forming machine produces trapezoidal sheets from colour prepainted steel coils, Galvanized steel coils, aluzinc sheets, and sometimes aluminium steel coils (aluminum roof panels are prefered in Nigeria). Generally, material thickness varies from 0.3 to 0.8mm, and width varies from 914mm to 1250mm. However, in some applications, material thickness can reach up to 1.5mm, like roof deck. Furthermore, in some countries or areas, people use G550 material to make full hard metal roofing sheets.

Sometimes when a client needs to produce trapezoidal sheets with different effective widths with anything else remained the same. In this case, the investment shall be made on only one machine, because a trapezoidal roof panel roll forming machine is always adjustable for different feeding widths. This means you can make trapezoidal roof panels with different effective widths from different-width materials. However, a client must need two trapezoidal sheet roll forming machines for manufacturing two panels at the same time.

Just like the regular roof sheet roll former, a trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine typically consists the components as following:

  • Manual Decoiler

  • Entry/feeding Guide

  • Roll Forming Unit

  • Hydraulic Unit

  • Cutting Unit

  • Control system

  • Runout Tables

There are different names for trapezoidal sheet roll forming machines in some regions or areas!    For example, in Africa, people like to call it aluminum or steel IDT Roofing Sheet roll forming machine, and sometime they give the name industrial trough IT4, IT5, IT6 roof sheet roll forming machine etc.

steelmama designs and builds customized trapezoidal sheet roll forming machines.   For instance, some customers ask for TR4 metal roofing sheet roll forming machine, some customers may prefer a separate forming stands structure trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine, or some customers may need safety guard on the roll forming machine body etc.

TR4 trapezoidal metal roof panels roll forming machine ship to Peru On November 14,2022

○ Without visiting, we will send you user manual and video to teach you to install and and hotel and everyday salary USD100, visa cost and necessary things○ Warranty is 24 months since machine installing in client's factory○ In warranty period, all parts are free to supply include shipping cost○ After 24 months, all parts are availible by paid in lifetime○ Machine drawing detail are availible by paid.

Peru 秘鲁

How much does roll forming cost?

The initial cost of a standardized roll forming line with a coil reel, cutoff, and electrical equipment, ranges from about $100,000 minimum up to $500,000 or more, depending on the size and number of roll stands.

We have professional engineers and sales personnel to recommend appropriate configurations and machines according to your needs.

If you have any needs, please contact us

steel cold roll forming machine-steelmama

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